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It all started when...

I was seven years old and I decided my Barbies needed new clothes. It was the 80's, tube dresses were in, and my "special occasion" socks had the perfect ruffle accent for a cute little dress. So, why not?! That's how the fashion bug bit. The sole focus became fashion design from then on, studying art and honing my design skills in order to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). This opened the door to a major American fashion house, Tommy Hilfiger, where I began my career. Through the years I have been fortunate to work for established companies like Calvin Klein, Mavi, and Perry Ellis; as I learned from talented designers, I grew into one as well.

Four years ago, this experience led me to become a highly reviewed, licensed NYC tour guide, in order to showcase the Garment District as an important NYC attraction. Today, this has become the joint focus, celebrating twenty years in this crazy industry and four years showing off this beautiful city I get to call home. As a fashion design consultant, I get to let my creativity flow and help emerging designers start their journey down the fashion road. As a NYC tour guide, I have the honor of meeting people from all over the world in the most diverse city in the world, and see it in a whole new light every single time. As a personal stylist, I am able to help people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and budgets look and feel their best. Most importantly, I am able to connect with them, pay it forward the way so many times people did with me along the way, and help them see a different side of themselves that maybe they haven't ever noticed or appreciated before.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you my favorite parts of this city.

--- Elizabeth Evertsz


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